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Riding Rules

1. Sit still and stay seated.

2. Keep your hands close to your side and in the train.

3. Do not lean, twist or turn around on your seat.

4. Small children must be able to sit on a seat; infants unable to sit on their own must be held centered in front of an adult.

5. Do not take photographs or make video recordings while on the train.

6. Get on or off ONLY when the train is stopped.

7. Do not get off the train unless directed to do so.

8. Do not bring food or drink on the train.

9. No smoking on the trains.

10. The engineer/conductor is the final authority on the train's operation/safety.

Other Thoughts

Persons with balance problems and late pregnancy ladies should not ride the trains.

Watch where you walk - please do not walk on the track.

Do not touch the engines or controls - steam from the steam engines can burn.

Please stay out of the maintenance areas where trains are serviced.

* The engineer or conductor has the right to remove anyone from the train at anytime, anyplace at his or her discretion.

Remember - These rules are for your safety!
Page Last Updated On: 7/21/2012