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Track Plan

Track Plan

Click here to view a large format high resolution version of the track plan.

Track Info

Distance of Mainline:
Minimum Radius:
7 1/2" Ground 5300' 42 Feet
4 3/4" Elevated "Highline" 1000' N/A
3 1/2" Elevated "Highline" 1000' N/A

Unload Info

Gauge(s) Serviced:
Maximum Height:
Maximum Vehicles at Once:
Pull-Through All 52" 2
Back-Up 7 1/2" 30" 1

Steam-Up Services

Steaming Bays:
Services Available:
7 1/2" 15 Power
Compressed Air
4 3/4" & 3 1/2" 4 Power
Compressed Air

Track Tour

The following two 360 degree videos were commissioned by the Medina County Park District. The first video shows a portion of the ground track while the second video shows a complete trip around the high line.

Please note that these videos were captured in a controlled manner and photography by the general public is not permitted while riding the trains for safety reasons.

Page Last Updated On: 01/20/2021